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Hi Fellas.

The yard is dry and no one was there. No new paintings.

Sunday January 16 The yard looks dry. No guard. No new paintings.

Saturday January 8, 2005 I took photographs in Belmont today.
I saw no guards.
The yard was muddie and slippery. The trenches are full of water and mud.
The walls are washed and are as colorful as wet paint...see ya soon.
What's Sunday's weather?

Friday January 7, 2005 Went by today (4pm), the yard is wet, there is a
two foot wide by 3 feet deep trench dug by META Housing, next to some walls.
No guard was spotted. Saturday-No Rain?

Thursday January 6, 2005 I drove by the Belmont Yard a couple of times today
and I didn't see the guard at the main gate.